Blueberry pie on the boat

Since there was hardly no wind that day we decided to stay at the Junkön marina another night. It’s such a beautiful island and after all, we were on holidays and in no rush to go anywhere specific. Just next to the marina a few signs showed the way to the old windmill, the beach and to the island’s own little art exhibition. It was time to explore the island.

The sign for the beach indicated a short 1.5k walk through the forest,however, when you’re joined on your walk by about a million mosquitoes then even such a short walk feels like a long one. But it was worth it. Not necessarily because of the beach the walk took us to but rather because we discover a fantastic blueberry field with plenty of ripe, yummy blueberries on our way to the beach. Later in the afternoon we returned to the same spot armed with long pants, bucket loads of mosquito repellents and a few containers for the berries. It was time to start picking the main ingredient for a delicious home baked blueberry pie.

Plenty of hand picked Swedish blueberries
1 DL Sugar bought at the cafe at the marina
3 DL Flour
150g Butter

Bake in owen for 30-35 min. 175°C

/// Rickard Vikström

Photos: Rickard Vikstrom and Adam Jonsson

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