Junkön, Luleå skärgård

After a slightly longer-than-expected but beautiful sail from Piteå we reached the marina at Junkön around 9pm on July 11, with the sun still high in the sky. It was yet another stunning Swedish summer night.

Junkön, an island with a name which English speakers probably find slightly strange (the junk island I.e skräp ön), is one of the biggest islands in the Luleå archipelago. It has a long history and it’s still an island full of life; three families live here permanently and many more  joins them during the summer months, part of the island is used by the Swedish Air Force for training; and the marina is frequently visited by locals and tourists alike.

We highly recommend this place. The marina is simply stunning and contains all the facilities one needs, including a summer cafe and sauna. Guest boats pay 80SEK / night plus 20SEK / night for electricity.

/// Rickard Vikström

Photos: Rickard Vikstrom

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