The ‘Bottnia Eskader 2012’

Last year Esmeralda af Piteå took part in ‘Bottnia Eskadern’ an escapade for boat lovers – sailors and motorboat people alike – in the Bothnian Bay area. In 2012 the journey commenced at Svinöra, Piteå, Sweden making six stops along the way before reaching the final destination Uleåborg in Finland.

In addition to my wife and myself the crew consisted of the experienced sailing couple Åke and Anna-Greta and our then thirteen-year-old grandson and technical expert Adam. We had a great time together, learnt a lot and met plenty of fantastic people along the way. We’re looking forward to taking part again in 2015!

You can read more about Bottnia Eskader 2012 here (Swedish only):

/// Ulf Vikström

Photo: Sten Olsson

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